Human rights

The status of women in the countries of the Middle East

The status of women in the countries of the Middle East is a complex issue that is influenced by a number of factors, including religion, culture, and tradition. In general,…

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The death penalty: a major human rights issue

The death penalty is a major human rights issue, especially in Iran. Iran has one of the highest rates of execution in the world, with over 500 people executed in…

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Children's rights, a major human rights issue

Children’s rights are a major human rights issue. They are a pressing concern all over the world, and have been the subject of much international debate and discussion. There are…

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The status of women in the world: inequalities persist

There is no one answer to the question of the status of women around the world. In some countries, women have nearly equal status to men while in others they…

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What you need to know about International Women's Day

Since its inception over a century ago, International Women’s Day has been celebrated annually on March 8th to commemorate the progress made towards gender equality, as well as to call…

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Human rights: how they are defined and protected

Human rights are a universal concept that applies to everyone, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion. They are inherent to our humanity and cannot be taken away from us….

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